Turpin Gallery Collection

Inspired by a single painting of a small poppy field near my grandparents' house in Ukraine, these larger-than-life works were produced for the Spring opening show at the Turpin Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The gigantic wildflower paintings is a childhood memory of lying in the grass, staring up at cloudless summer sky through a curtain of flowers. No school, no worries and just endless days of exploring the countryside. The perspective isolates the heads of the flowers making them appear gigantic and saturated with colour.

Inspired by the beauty and culture of Wyoming, this series includes two pieces featuring the iconic Indian Paintbrush and Arnica, local to the Grand Tetons.

  • For Turpin Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Type oil, painting, original, large

  • URL turpingallery.myshopify.com/collections/lena-safaniouk

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